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When to See a Professional Physician for Arm Injuries

While arm injuries are common in older adults and children, anyone can be a victim. The majority of us appreciate the role of our arms after they begin to hurt. Well, the fact is that almost every one of us has or will experience arm problems because of daily wear and tear, especially the active ones who are constantly involved in strenuous activities. Professionals at Wisconsin Medical Group are dedicated to offering top-quality orthopedic treatments to patients with arm injuries and other personal injuries. Schedule an appointment today if you have the following conditions:

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Acute and overuse injuries

Injuries are classified into two broad categories, that is acute and overuse injuries. Acute injuries occur suddenly, either from twisting or a direct blow to the arm or shoulder. When the arm bends suddenly and abnormally, patients experience severe pain, which may later be accompanied by swelling. These types of injuries require immediate medical attention to avoid further complications. Examples of acute injuries include bruises, broken bones, sprains, strains, and dislocations.

On the other hand, overuse injuries result from overdoing strenuous activity, as the name suggests. Such injuries include bursitis, stress fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pain from tiny tears. Almost all overuse injuries cause pain and swelling, with some resulting in tiny cracks in bones and pressure on the nerves. These injuries are not as severe as acute injuries but also require medical attention before they progress and result in further complications. Specific examples of arm injuries include:

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Arm injury physician: treatment and diagnosis

Elbow injury

Elbow injuries result from repetitive movements or overuse of the arm. This means that athletes are not the only ones at risk of developing elbow injuries. Common elbow injuries include the golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and torn ulnar collateral ligament. Patients with tennis and golfer’s elbow experience pain on the inside and the outside elbow, respectively. These symptoms are caused by tendon inflammation.

Forearm and wrist injuries

Fractures on the arm can come from a fall in any sport or activity. However, the most common causes of wrist fractures are soccer, football, and skateboarding. Similarly, wrist sprains occur after a sudden bend backward that tears wrist ligaments.

Hand and finger injury

Hand and finger injuries are common in baseball, rock climbing, and football. Thumb sprains mainly occur when the thumb is pushed backward suddenly in games involving catching the ball. You should visit the doctor if you have challenges bending and straightening your finger.

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When to see a professional doctor

You should seek immediate medical attention if you experience severe pain, swelling, or trouble moving or turning your arm. A sudden crack sound could also mean that you have experienced a bone fracture. Other symptoms include shoulder and back pain or protruding bone on the wrist or arm.

Treatment of arm injuries

Wisconsin Medical Group treats your medical condition to improve your condition and simplify your legal claim if your injury was caused by the negligence of others. Schedule an appointment online today or call the offices directly at 414-897-8897 to discuss your options. The team assures you a confidential consultation and attention to detail.

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