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Accurate Medical Diagnosis

Workers’ compensation injuries can be tricky to get an honest diagnosis for. Our physicians will give you their professional medical opinion on your work-related injury and provide you with an honest, accurate diagnosis. Getting a second opinion could change your quality of life forever.

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Know Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

If you’ve been injured at work in Wisconsin, you have the right to refuse treatment from any doctor. This includes any doctor your employer provides or recommends. An accurate diagnosis is critical to receiving proper medical care.

Injured workers also need a proper diagnosis in order to get their case through the workers’ compensation claims process. If you, your loved one, or your client has been hurt on the job, a second opinion from the Milwaukee worker’s compensation physicians at WMG may be the difference between getting appropriate treatment or not.

You focus on healing, our staff will communicate directly with your workman’s compensation claims adjustor and employer.

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