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At Wisconsin Medical Group, our Milwaukee groin injury physicians are proud to provide client-focused, attentive medical care to our patients. We work closely with law firms and attorneys — working diligently to give medical treatment in a manner that helps to expedite and simplify the personal injury claims process and workers’ comp claims process. To request your initial consultation with a compassionate Milwaukee groin injury physician, please give us a call today.

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Experienced Physicians Treating Groin Injuries in Milwaukee

While groin injuries can occur in a wide variety of different ways, they are often linked to sports. Indeed, studies have found that a significant percentage of athletes have experienced a groin injury. Of course, anyone can develop a groin injury — these painful injuries often require professional attention. One of the many challenges in dealing with groin injuries is that they are notoriously difficult to diagnose. In fact, in many cases, a person who has developed groin pain has actually sustained multiple concurrent injuries. Some of the most common types of groin injuries include: 

  • Adductor strains (groin pulls and groin stains)
  • Avulsion fractures
  • Stress fractures of the femoral neck
  • Inguinal hernias

Unfortunately, groin injuries frequently become reaggravated. Without proper rest and proper rehabilitative care, the injury is likely to happen again. Our Milwaukee physical therapists work closely with our patients to ensure that they receive the personalized care that they need to make a full physical recovery.

Groin injury doctor in Milwaukee: pain, bruising, and broken
Groin injury physician: treatment and diagnosis

How a Personal Injury Physician Can Help With a Groin Injury

Our primary duty is to ensure that our patients get the absolute highest quality of medical services and treatment. We know that groin injuries, when they are not cared for in the right way, have a propensity to linger. Our Milwaukee groin injury physicians will make sure that the injury is accurately diagnosed and treated in the proper manner.

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim or workers’ compensation claim, you need comprehensive documentation — establishing the injury, the future prognosis, and the full extent of the medical care that was provided. Frustratingly, in far too many cases, sloppy record-keeping by doctors makes it more difficult for injured victims to get full financial compensation for their injuries. 

Our Milwaukee personal injury doctors are different. We know the rules and regulations that govern insurance companies and our team understands the motivations of insurance adjusters. We work hand-in-hand with attorneys and legal support staff to certify that injuries are well-documented. If you are filing a claim for your client’s groin injury, get them to an experienced Milwaukee personal injury physician.

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At Wisconsin Medical Group, our Milwaukee personal injury physicians provide our patients with exceptional quality care in a modern facility. We have the skills and training needed to treat all types of groin injuries. To arrange an initial appointment for yourself or your client, please contact us right away. We serve patients in Milwaukee and throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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