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Our team of seasoned physicians and dedicated medical support staff are experts in addressing personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Specializing in prompt and effective recovery, our medical doctors and orthopedic physical therapists are committed to guiding you through your rehabilitation journey with utmost care and efficiency. We prioritize precision and integrity in our diagnoses, ensuring that you receive the tailored medical attention you rightly deserve. Every personal injury and workers’ compensation case in Glendale is treated with individualized attention and the utmost fairness, guaranteeing an honest and transparent assessment of your needs.

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Injury diagnosis and treatment for personal injury cases

Personal Injury Doctor in Glendale

At Wisconsin Medical Group, our board-certified medical doctor caters to patients from Glendale, addressing a diverse range of injuries. With years of collaboration with law firms across the Milwaukee Metro area, our medical staff is highly experienced in navigating the personal injury claims process. This expertise ensures that we can provide you and your clients with thorough treatment and meticulous documentation essential for strengthening your case. From minor to severe injuries, our team is equipped to handle a wide spectrum of cases, ensuring every patient receives the utmost care and support they deserve:

and much more

Not only do we help you recover, but if someone is at fault for your injury, we work closely with attorneys to help patients achieve the medical treatment and compensation they deserve. If you’re interested in working with the professional medical specialists at WMG, schedule an appointment for our medical services today.

Glendale Car Accident Doctor

If you've been involved in a car accident in Glendale, Wisconsin, it's essential to seek prompt and specialized medical attention. Our Glendale car accident doctor is here to address your needs and provide comprehensive care tailored to car accident injuries.

Physical Therapy for Car Accident

Experiencing a car accident can lead to a range of injuries, and it's crucial to prioritize your health. Our Glendale car accident physician specializes in effective and efficient treatment and physical therapy for car accident injuries, including personalized programs. From minor discomfort to more severe injuries, we have the expertise to assess, diagnose, and provide the necessary care to support your recovery.

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Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Glendale

In Wisconsin, an average of 3.2 employees per 100 encounter workplace injuries on an annual basis. At WMG, our primary focus lies in ensuring the welfare of injured employees. Our team of specialized medical professionals is dedicated to delivering thorough care and tailored treatment strategies for work-related injuries. We take proactive steps to aid employees in their recovery journey and facilitate their return to work by providing necessary medical treatment and ensuring full entitlement to benefits. Through unwavering support throughout the workers' compensation process, we underscore our dedication to prioritizing employee health and safety.

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Second Opinions for Workers' Compensation Injuries

In Glendale, workplace injury and workers' compensation laws allow you to choose your own medical provider. Your employer is prohibited from mandating a specific doctor of their choice. However, securing an unbiased diagnosis for injuries under workers' compensation can pose difficulties. Our team of physicians is committed to delivering impartial and precise medical assessments of your work-related injuries. Seeking a second opinion has the potential to significantly influence your life's trajectory.

Workers' Compensation Claims in Glendale

Within our practice, we specialize in diagnosing work-related injuries and offering essential guidance for workers' compensation claims. Our seasoned team boasts a track record of aiding numerous individuals in Glendale and its vicinity to effectively maneuver through this procedure. We emphasize meticulous documentation and transparent communication to bolster the legitimacy of your claim. Employing an efficient strategy, we maintain well-organized medical records and promptly submit requisite paperwork to your workers' compensation claims adjuster and employers. This streamlined process ensures the seamless handling of necessary documentation, including permanency reports, record reviews, and independent medical examinations.

Independent Medical Exams

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) entails evaluation by a certified medical examiner sourced from an unbiased third party to precisely diagnose injuries stemming from workplace incidents. In Wisconsin, IMEs mandate examination by certified medical professionals situated within a 100-mile radius of the injured worker's home. Should you sustain an injury in Glendale, entrust your IME requirements to WMG. Wisconsin Medical Group is adept in conducting independent medical examinations and maintains no affiliations with clinical or family physicians.

Workers’ Compensation Injury Treatment

At WMG, we specialize in comprehensive work injury treatment, employing a holistic approach to medical care. Our dedicated team delivers precise diagnoses and personalized treatment strategies to accelerate your path to full recovery. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate discomfort and restore optimal functionality, facilitating a smooth return to work.

Physical Therapy for Workers’ Compensation in Glendale

Discover our specialized orthopedic physical therapy services tailored specifically for work-related injuries, available at our Glendale location and serving the neighboring areas. Our skilled therapists provide cutting-edge treatments including dry needling and cupping to address a range of common work-related injuries such as:

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Doctors who Understand the Claims Process

Choosing a workers’ compensation and personal injury doctor is a crucial decision in navigating the claims process. Our highly experienced physicians at Wisconsin Medical Group are well-versed in the intricacies of the claims process. We collaborate with your workers’ compensation attorney, providing them with comprehensive medical records and documentation essential for advancing your workers’ compensation case. Our commitment is to accurately document and closely track all medical records for our patients.

For those seeking work injury rehabilitation in Glendale, our team specializes in tailored treatments designed to facilitate your recovery. We prioritize your well-being and ensure that you receive the necessary care to get back on your feet.

Medical Second Opinions in Glendale

Have you received a questionable diagnosis for your workers’ compensation case? At Wisconsin Medical Group, we understand the significance of seeking a second opinion. Our medical professionals in Glendale offer honest and insightful second opinions to workers’ compensation patients. Whether you aim to confirm an initial diagnosis or explore a more accurate perspective on your recovery, our second opinion doctors are here to support you.