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How to Check if a Doctor is Participating With Workers’ Compensation

If you suffered a serious injury on the job, you need immediate medical attention. But, where do you go? How do you find out which doctors will take your Wisconsin workers’ compensation insurance coverage? In this article, our experienced Milwaukee personal injury doctors explain why injured Wisconsin workers have the right to go to any licensed physician in the state and why they should seek treatment from a doctor who is deeply familiar with the state’s work injury claims process.

Injured Workers Have the Right to Select their Own Doctor

If you were hurt on the job, you have the right to select your own physician. As explained by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, employers must offer injured workers the right to get medical treatment from a doctor who they trust to provide adequate care. Anyone licensed to practice in Wisconsin is eligible to participate in the state’s workers’ compensation insurance system. An employer cannot force an injured worker to avoid going to a physician of their choice.

Of course, in an emergency situation, the first priority is always ensuring that the injured worker gets the immediate care that they need. Certainly, in this type of situation, there is not always time for an injured worker to consider their options and select a doctor. However, once the emergency has stabilized, injured Wisconsin workers have the legal right to pick their own doctor for their future treatment.

Why You Need a Physician Who Has Experience Treating Injured Workers

If you were injured on the job in Milwaukee, you need a doctor who is both willing and capable of providing youHelping Personal Injury victims with Spinal Cord Damages | Wisconsin Medical Group with the very best medical care. You can contact a doctor’s office directly to find out if they have enough time to take on your case. As long as they are licensed and able to provide you with high-quality medical care, the Wisconsin workers’ compensation rules will allow you to select that doctor for your treatment.

That being said, you should not simply pick any doctor to handle your work injury case. In fact, even choosing a trusted family doctor might be a mistake. You need a doctor who has extensive experience treating injured employees who are actively pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. In far too many cases, Wisconsin doctors who are not familiar with the workers’ compensation claims process fail to properly document treatment — thereby making it more challenging for injured workers to access their benefits. Our Milwaukee workers’ compensation doctors provide careful, attentive medical treatment to all of our patients. In addition, we always thoroughly document the care and we handle all of the important medical paperwork so that our patients are able to effectively obtain the full and fair workers’ compensation benefits that they deserve.  

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