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What Should You Do In Case of a Rotator Cuff Injury?

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles in each arm that is essential for lifting and rotating the arm. When a tear in the rotator cuff happens to an employee on the job, the victim has an entitlement to compensation. However, getting a fair and complete personal injury settlement is not easy. You are required to have medical evidence that strongly supports your filed personal injury claim.

Our Milwaukee personal injury doctors for legal professionals make it easy for patients to legally recover their compensation. Our rotator cuff injury physicians provide timely diagnosis and top-quality surgical and non-surgical treatment for rotator cuff tears. The patients are therefore able to quickly and conveniently proceed with their legal claims.

The Role of a Rotator Cuff Injury Doctor

A personal injury physician can make or break your case. Choosing our Milwaukee personal injury physicians for legal professionals increases your chances of a fair settlement. We testify on the injuries incurred by your client through our accurate medical records. Our rotator cuff injury doctors help in justifying the amount of compensation requested in a lawsuit in the following ways:

Documentation of medical records

We have more credibility than any random physician who is hired to testify. The documentation of our medical records matches the prognosis and thus serves as correct and reliable evidence. Records from the doctor’s office, emergency room, physical therapist, and other medical professionals are also well documented. The records also show the type of treatment that was given and how much pain the victim suffered. Also, documentation is made on how the rotator cuff injury has affected and will continue affecting the victim’s life.

Proving the extent of damages through medical records

The medical records we prepare keep track of the financial costs incurred by the victim. Which include ambulatory fees, prescriptions, surgeries, and the prices of hospital visits. However, quantifying the non-economic losses such as mental and emotional suffering depends on the accuracy of the other records.

Giving evidence through medical records

Good evidence is essential in winning personal injury lawsuits. Some common medical records that are used in personal injury cases as evidence include:

  • Physician’s diagnosis
  • Physician’s notes
  • Emergency room records
  • Estimated recovery time
  • Medical bills
  • The future estimated medical bills

Common Challenges Faced by Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys who deal with rotator cuff injuries encounter various challenges in each case, including:

Gathering evidence and data

After a personal injury lawsuit has been filed, licensed private investigators conduct investigations to ascertain the accuracy of the data and evidence. If the evidence is misplaced or changed, the possibility of fair compensation becomes blurry.

Time constraints

Rotator cuff injuries happen in a split second and the evidence needs to be collected urgently. The injuries also begin to gradually heal and the evidence may soon lose its strength.

Active Lying

If a client actively lies about having incurred a rotator cuff injury, any chances of a fair settlement are completely eradicated.

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