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When to See an Overuse Injury Doctor

As the name suggests, overuse injuries result from constant stressing of the muscles and joints without giving them time to recover. They are more common in certain sports — such as tennis — where the victims perform repetitive motions with their hands. However, it is also possible that you could suffer from an overuse injury in your workplace, depending on the type of activity you perform. 

If this happens, our overuse injury doctor is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best medical care to recover from your injuries. They will offer credible medical records when filing your workers’ compensation claim. 

Overuse injuries in sports

Before looking at when individuals should seek the attention of a medical professional, it is essential to understand overuse injuries in detail. These injuries occur at the shoulders or elbow because the athlete or any other individual has subjected the muscles, bones, and ligaments to repetitive motion. 

The most common treatment for this type of injury is the RICE method, which includes:

  • Rest: Patients should give enough time to rest and avoid further inflammation. However, this should only continue for a few days before they begin simple exercises.
  • Ice: This is cooling the area of injury with ice packs for 20 minutes several times a day to avoid inflammation.
  • Compression: Tying elastic bandages around the area of injury prevents more swelling.
  • Elevation: This involves raising the injured limb or any higher than the heart to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Symptoms of overuse injuries

Several symptoms of overuse injuries vary depending on different situations. You could only experience mild aches or severe pain even at rest. Grade one symptoms are those that are mild after an activity. 

They vary in grades, leading up to the most severe, where patients experience symptoms that limit them from training or performing with the affected area. You can never be sure how long your symptoms will last because every overuse injury is different from another.

Treatment of overuse injuries

An overuse doctor will perform specific tests, depending on the severity and location of your injury. Usually, there are more than one tests that sum up to a single diagnosis. Based on the X-rays and ultrasound results, the doctor determines the suitable treatment method to use, which could include an exercise rehabilitation program.

When to see a doctor

One of the most frequently asked questions is when the patient should seek medical assistance from a doctor in case of an overuse injury. This should be done if the symptoms persist even after home treatment. 

Patients should also see a doctor if the injury is affecting their performance and training. Any injury that causes a risk to other teammates should be treated immediately for athletes and sports professionals.

Why Wisconsin Medical Group

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