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Each year, around 3.2 out of every 100 employees in Wisconsin experience work-related injuries. If you find yourself facing an unfortunate injury that keeps you away from your job in Franklin, Wisconsin Medical Group is here to assist you. We specialize in treating workplace injuries and providing expert guidance through the workers’ compensation process. Your well-being is our top concern, and we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the finest treatment plans to help you return to work swiftly. Begin your journey to recovery today by scheduling an appointment with our experienced workers' comp doctor.

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Second Opinions for Workers’ Compensation Injuries

It is against the law for your employer to force their choice of workers comp physician on you. You have the freedom to select your own workers' compensation physician in Franklin for your workplace injury and workers’ compensation process. We provide workers comp second opinions in Franklin with honesty, making sure your path to recovery has the best plan for care and treatment personalized to your situation. Second opinions in workers' compensation cases can heavily influence the outcome of your situation and future. Get on the right path to recovery and allow WMG's expertise to guide you. Choose us as your second opinion doctor in Franklin.

Workers’ Compensation Claims in Franklin

At WMG, we specialize in streamlining the management of your workers' compensation claim, ensuring seamless handling through precise documentation and transparent communication channels. Our dedicated team focuses on bolstering the credibility of your claim by meticulously organizing medical records and expediting their delivery to adjusters and employers. Over the years, numerous individuals have entrusted us, benefiting immensely from our expertise with permanency reports, records review, and independent medical exams.

Independent Medical Exams

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) entails evaluation by a certified medical examiner from an unbiased third party to precisely diagnose injuries stemming from workplace accidents. In Wisconsin, IMEs mandate that certified medical examiners operate within a 100-mile radius of the injured worker's residence. If you sustained injuries in Franklin, turn to WMG for your IME requirements. Wisconsin Medical Group specializes in independent medical assessments and maintains no affiliations with clinical or family physicians.

Workers' Compensation Injury Treatment

At WMG, we deliver specialized medical care tailored specifically for workers' compensation injuries. Our services in Franklin encompass precise diagnoses and comprehensive work injury treatment protocols. Our goal is to facilitate an efficient recovery process, prioritizing pain alleviation and restoration of function for all our patients.

Physical Therapy for Workers’ Compensation in Franklin

We treat the following common work-related injuries:

Rely on us for exceptional care, enabling your speedy recovery and prompt return to work.

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Personal Injury Doctor in Franklin

When it comes to navigating personal injuries, dedicated care is paramount, and at Wisconsin Medical Group, we're committed to offering comprehensive support every step of the way. Our team of experienced medical professionals specializes in accident injury treatment, ensuring personalized care to facilitate your recovery journey. Whether you've been affected by a car accident injury or encountered a workplace incident, our personal injury doctor in Franklin stands prepared to provide the assistance you need.

Boasting expertise in whiplash treatment and specialized physical therapy tailored for car accidents, our primary focus lies in facilitating efficient recovery and restoring optimal function. At Wisconsin Medical Group, our dedicated neck pain doctor in Franklin employs state-of-the-art techniques honed to address your individual needs, ensuring effective solutions for relieving neck pain and discomfort.

Don't wait another moment to take charge of your recovery journey. Schedule an appointment with our personal injury doctor today and unlock access to specialized care meticulously tailored to your unique situation. Let Wisconsin Medical Group serve as your steadfast partner, guiding you toward a path of healing and restoration.

Why Choose Wisconsin Medical Group?

Choose Wisconsin Medical Group for workers’ compensation specialists experienced in:

  • Medical documentation for workers’ comp cases
  • Properly diagnosing & treating work-related injuries
  • Working with and reporting to attorneys, employers, and insurance companies
  • Trained & equipped with state-of-the-art technology and techniques to improve recovery times

At Wisconsin Medical Group, our whole team is dedicated to helping you regain your quality of life as quickly as possible. We also offer convenient scheduling options to fit any lifestyle or work schedule.

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